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  • Introduction
  • ◆ Background
        ◇ Project : Complete Wood Pellet Plant
        ◇ Raw Materials : wood logs of spruce tree
        ◇ Output Capacity : 5 tons/hour pellets
        ◇ Location : Europe
        ◇ Main Equipment : Debarker, Drum Chipper, 3 pcs of Hammer Mill, Rotary Drum Dryer, 3 pcs of Pellet Mills,
            Cooler, Automatic, Bagging Machine, Storage Silos, Conveyors, Bucket Elevators and other auxiliary equipment.
        ◇ Remarks :
             - The finished wood pellets meet the standard of European DIN and EN.
             - The electrical motors and electrical control parts meet the standard of CE.
             - The finished wood pellets are mainly used to family pellet stove and industrial boiler, furnace,etc.
             - In order to save labor cost, this client set up an Automatic Pellets Bagging Machine in this plant. It greatly improve
               the degree of full automation of this pellet production line.