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  • Introduction
  • ◆ Background
           ◇ Project : Movable Wood Pellet Plant
           ◇ Raw Materials : wood logs
           ◇ Output Capacity : 500-1000 kg/h
           ◇ Main Equipment : Sawdust Producer, Dryer, Pellet Mill, Cooler, Bagging Machine, Storage Silos, Conveyors, Pipes and
               other auxiliary device.
           ◇ Remarks :
                - Considering the gradually increasing transportation cost and lack of raw materials at client’s local place, this Movable Pellet Plant is a
                  good solution for them now.
                - It is professionally designed for small&medium capacity of pellets production to European clients. They can diectly take the container
                  movable pellet plant to the area where is full of cheap raw materials.
                - The Dryer and Sawdust Producer are setup in one 40HQ open-top container. The Pellet Mill, Cooler, Bagging Machine and diesel
                  generator,etc are setup in another 40HQ open-top container.