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Hammer Mill Hammers


◆ It is the key part of Hammer Mill.
◆ It is used to contact materials and shred them into smaller pieces. 
◆ Different materials have different requirements on hammer design of thickness and angle.
    A suitable design of hammers to your own materials will help you produce high output
    capacity of finished products.

  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ Adopt high-strength carbon steel and finished with industry-leading hardfacing technology for optimized grinding. 
    ◆ Specifically manufacture customized hammers to fit each customer's feature of raw material.Keep your hammermill operating efficiently.
    ◆ Our machines work best with our original spare and wear parts. We are constantly improving our production processes to increase
        the performance and service-life of our products.
  • ◆ Fast delivery of spare parts 
    ◆ A long security of supply of spare parts 
    ◆ Longer service-life and better performance due to original spare parts 
    ◆ Provide proper parts base on customer’s requirements.