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Small Bag Packing Machine


◆ Available Materials : wood pellets and other biomass pellets
◆ Model : HS-L15
◆ Main Power : 0.75kw+0.35kw+1kw
◆ Capacity : 2-5 tons/hour
◆ Application : Small to medium-scale pellet bagging production.

  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ Huasheng Small Pellets Packing Machine is used to weigh pellets and pack them into small PE bags. (The PE bags can
        be used hot-sealing and woven bags can be used thread sewing.) It mainly consists of PLC controlled quantitative hopper
        scale, belt conveyor, support-shelf and sealing machine,etc. It is mainly used in the fields of small&medium pellet industry. 
    ◆ The packing range of Huasheng Small Pellets Packing Machine is between 15-50kg/bag.
  • ◆ CE approved by SGS.
    ◆ Automatic weighing by PLC.
    ◆ Wide range of packaging.
    ◆ High precision and efficiency.
    ◆ Easy operation and maintenance.
    ◆ Widely used for small&medium capacity of compete pellet plant.
  • Model Power (kg) Packing Range (kg/bag) Capacity (bags/h)
    HS-L15 0.75+0.35+1 15-50 180