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◆ Required basic information provided by clients:
     Detailed raw materials
    ◇Size and shape of raw materials
    ◇ Original humidity of raw materials
    ◇ Output capacity per hour you request
    ◇ Size and shape of finished products you produce
    ◇ Need bagging line or not
    ◇ Any special requirement on heat-supply for drying process

◆ According to the required technical answers you provide, we will make an optimum proposal for you,
    including the following items:
    ◇ Basic layout of complete plant
    ◇ Description of production process
    ◇ List of all equipment with technical specification and pictures
    ◇ Price for each part of equipment
    ◇ Total price of plant
    ◇ Total required power for complete plant
    ◇ Required number of containers for transport of this plant
    ◇ Delivery time
    ◇ Warranty period
    ◇ Way of payment
  • E-mail: info@hsbiopellet.com
  • WhatsApp: +86 13961284262
  • Skype: liyanghuasheng

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